Fastening clip for Ø 68 mm OMNIA lid / 5 pieces

  • Preserving without the closing head - use the fastening clip and preserving caps

  • The fastening clip with the preserving cap holds the Ø 68 mm OMNIA lid evenly along the circumference of the jar mouth during sterilising and subsequent cooling - preserve without using the closing head

  • Regular Ø 68 mm OMNIA lids are used for preserving

  • After cooling, the lid hold onto the preserving jars due to the vacuum created during the preserving process
  • For preserving, you need the same amount of fastening clips and preserving caps for the amount of jars you are to process at a time

  • You reuse the removed fastening clips and preserving caps for processing more jars

  • We produce both the fastening clips and preserving caps Preserving caps (reg. No. 77)  the fastening clips and preserving caps must be ordered separately 
  • The fastening clips are packaged as 5 pieces   

  • Fastening clip material: Aluminium alloy


PRICE: 140,00Kč
včetně DPH
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