Preserving cap for Ø 83 mm OMNIA lid / 5 pieces

  • The preserving cap fills (makes tight) the space between the closing lid and the fastening clips – it presses the closing lid perfectly along the whole jar circumference.
  • The preserving cap protects the closing lid against mechanical damage when the fastening clip is being put on and taken off, thus prolonging the lid's service life. The preserving cap under the fastening clip is an integral part of the preserving process.
  •  The preserving caps are packaged as 5 pieces 
  •  Preserving cap material: Stainless
  • Preserving cap size:   83 mm in diameter

Available in 2 sizes + mounting detail
Reliable, easy and effective preserving process
100% control of preserved jars
The preserving lids remain intact – available for multiple use


PRICE: 130,00Kč
včetně DPH
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