The suction bell is used to create negative pressure in various types and

sizes of preservation jars.

It is intended for quick and reliable sealing of jars during

preservation (canning) of fruit and vegetables, …

The suction bell helps create negative pressure in the jar, thus it

sucks the lid firmly and reliably onto
the neck of the jar. 

It is the most economical and reliable method of preserving foodstuffs.

Which jars are suitable for preservation with the suction bell?

You can use the following jars:

· OMNIA jars - from 0.2l to 0.7l

· Twist-lid jars - from 0.2l to 0.7l. It is also possible to use jars that are taller than the height of the bell – insert filled and capped jars into a large PANO jar (3.6l), place the suction bell onto the large jar from the top and remove the air from the jar

· PANO jar Ø 103mm (3.6l) - the bell is cone-shaped and attaches to the neck of the jar


Material: plastic bell, stainless steel


Colours of suction bell:

· Green

· White

· Purple

· Wine

Bottom Ø of suction bell: 15 cm

Height of suction bell: 18.5 cm

Total height: 37 cm


PRICE: 780,00Kč
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Color of bell

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