Fastening clip for Ø 68 mm OMNIA lid / 5 pieces

  • The fastening clip with the preserving cap holds the Ø 68 or 83 mm OMNIA lid evenly along the circumference of the jar mouth during sterilizing and subsequent cooling – it preserves without using the jar sealer
  •  the preserving cap makes the space between the lid and the fastening clips tight it presses the closing lid perfectly along the whole jar circumference
  •  the preserving cap protects the lid against mechanical damage when the fastening clip is being put on and taken off and thus it prolongs the lid's service life
  • the preserving cap under the fastening clip is an integral part of the preserving process
  • the preserving caps are packed 5 pieces per package
  •  preserving cap material: stainless steel
  •  the fastening clips are packed 5 pieces per package
  • fastening clip material: aluminum alloy


available in 2 sizes + mounting detail

reliable, easy and effective preserving process

100% control of preserved jars

the preserving lids remain intact – available for multiple use


PRICE: 110,00Kč
včetně DPH
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